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Support students’ confidence through instruction that includes clear expectations; challenging work that is calibrated to the knowledge, skills, and abilities of students; and informational and encouraging feedback

Confidence Planning Tool

Planning Tool

These are metacognitive/self-reflective questions that teachers can pose to themselves to help them consider specific strategies for enacting the MDP in an upcoming lesson. These questions are meant to guide teachers to think as concretely and specifically as possible about what they will say/do to support this MDP.

  1. How will I communicate a clear learning goal/objective to students and the expectations for student work in this lesson? To what extent are instructions clear and detailed enough for students to do the work but not too detailed as to convey a lack of confidence in their ability to complete the work?
  2. How will different students interpret the level of challenge of these tasks? What assumptions am I making about what students know and can do, and what evidence do I have or need to check these assumptions? What modifications (e.g., scaffolds, strategies to increase challenge) can I make to the lesson to set the work at an appropriate level for my students? What evidence during the lesson will tell me if the work presents the appropriate level of challenge, and what will I do if I miscalibrated the work for some or many students?
  3. How will I communicate that I believe every student is capable of doing the work? How will I encourage students if they perceive the assignment to be too challenging?
  4. How will I guide and support students through this lesson to be successful? Have I anticipated and am I prepared for where they might encounter challenges? How will I move students through transitions smoothly? When and how in the lesson can I easily make adjustments in the moment to respond to different student needs that may arise?
  5. What models or examples can I make or share to help students see successful examples? How will I help students identify what knowledge or skills they have that can help them succeed during this lesson?
  6. What opportunities are there in this lesson for all students to experience a sense of accomplishment and receive informational feedback about the causes of their successes and failures? What kind of specific feedback should I anticipate giving that will draw students’ attention to strategy use and potential for improvement?