M-PLANS stands for Motivation - Planning Lessons to Activate eNgagement in Science. We are a National Science Foundation-funded project that aims to support science teachers in promoting student motivation and engagement.

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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have introduced multiple new demands on science teachers. NGSS-aligned science lessons ask teachers to engage students in rigorous and authentic scientific problem-solving and sense-making. We believe that helping science teachers support motivation and engagement will help them achieve the aims of NGSS and foster robust and meaningful science learning in their students.

Our Approach

The M-PLANS professional learning (PL) approach is based on research on how to design and plan lessons to support student motivation and engagement. M-PLANS invites teachers to explore the multifaceted nature of student motivation and engagement by introducing five Motivation Design Principles (MDPs) that teachers can apply to their lesson planning to better support student motivation and engagement.

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Get Involved

M-PLANS is currently working with middle school science teachers in Nevada and Michigan to design and develop a teacher professional learning (PL) experience that supports science teachers in creating a more motivating and engaging experience for students in their classrooms. The project is seeking additional science teachers to join in this work for the 2021-2022 school year.

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