• The M-PLANS Institute has really made me think more proactively about how curriculum design can affect student motivation. By thinking about the principles of motivation, I can start to make minor adjustments to my lesson plans that make a big difference in motivating students. M-PLANS has given me more tools for my curriculum workbench that can help increase student achievement.

    Scott, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Michigan
  • Anna, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Nevada
  • My skills as an educator have been fine tuned in five simple ways because of the guidance and feedback received from the M-PLANS research strategies. I personally was feeling a bit 'burned-out' and now have been able to find a new passion to motivate and engage my students with NGSS aligned instruction. I was nervous to be put under a 'microscope' in scientific terms. The M-PLANS process has taught me to think more thoughtfully about what I will teach and how I will teach it. If a colleague asked me if they should participate in the M-PLANS professional learning experience, I would say a vibrant 'yes.'

    Christine, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Nevada
  • This study enabled me to collaborate and network with experts in the field of education. Through classroom recordings, I was provided constructive feedback from experts, colleagues, and my students, which has empowered me to improve my craft by becoming more confident and knowledgeable in NGSS. This has truly been a rewarding and enlightening experience!

    Sharon, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Michigan